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Kavanaugh supporters and at least one member of the Ford camp referred to the other side as "incels."
Incel is a term used to describe men who are celibate because women refuse to sleep with them. Subscribe ( to receive Paul McFedries's "Word Spy--The Word Lover's Guide to New Words" Recent entries include incel, bait bike, toebesity, listicle, and curiosity gap.
(29.) Incel NA, Ceceli E, Durukan PB, Erdem HR, Yorgancioglu ZR.
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US5567607, a patent covering a method for producing transgenic animals, is assigned to Incel, was granted in 1996 and is not connected via patent prosecution (nor even citation) to the original Oncomouse patent.
Some of the conversations reminded Bil of the incel movement and
From Hillary's defeat to a mediocre and abusive patriarch to the rise in school shootings and domestic terror attacks by young white men to "incel" culture (meaning "involuntary celibate"--a moniker adopted by young misogynists who blame women for their lack of romantic action) to #MeToo--conversations about men, masculinity, and the harm of patriarchy are happening on a mass scale.
Police said Minassian allegedly posted a "cryptic message" on his Facebook account minutes before he began driving the van, an apparent reference to a post reading: "The Incel Rebellion has already begun!
Calling Rodger "the Supreme Gentleman", the Facebook post declared: "The Incel Rebellion has already begun!
"All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!" Incel refers to men who are celibate because women refuse to sleep with them.
The inventory of affixes analysed throughout this research includes the prefixes a- 1, a- 2, ae-, and-, ante-, arce-, be-, ed-, el-, for-, in-, med-, mis-, of-, on-, or-, sam-, sam-, sin-, sub-, to- and un-; and the suffixes -els, -en 1, -en 2, -end, -ere, -estre, -ett, -icge, - incel, -ing 1, -ing 2, -l, -ling, -ness, -scipe, and -t.
'Incel' is a term describing men who are celibate because women refuse to sleep with them while 'Chad' is a term used to refer to sexually active men among the incel community.