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incapacitate someone (for something) (for a period of time)

to make someone physically unfit for [doing] something for a period of time. The accident incapacitated Rick for further work for a year. Sam's carelessness incapacitated Frank for a month.
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LegacyArmour ensures that your important information is delivered to the people you designate on a future date or after your death or incapacitation.
Moreover, it finds that the incapacitation effect in California is not greater than it is in other states.
The book is an unflinching exploration of how total incapacitation has become the new common sense in California and mass incarceration the state's thoroughly inhumane endgame.
Durable powers of attorney should be an integral part of any estate plan since these documents provide an individual the means to manage their financial and health affairs in the event of incapacitation.
But underneath all that success, Benson had familial problems that have now upset all his estate and succession plans, creating an incapacitation crisis for Benson and threatening the future ownership of the Saints.
The FAA is not tasked to provide long-term prognoses, but rather to determine the likelihood of pilot incapacitation for the duration of the medical certificate," it noted.
Incapacitation was another measure preventing the buried to rise from the dead.
A progressive loss of coordination and muscle strength leads to motor incapacitation and often the full-time use of a wheelchair.
Doubtless Mr Hamblett will join me in wishing Craig well, in view of his current incapacitation.
Following the original introduction sketching out the broad approach of rational choice to crime, chapters discuss shoplifters' perceptions of crime opportunities, victim selection procedures among economic criminals, robbers as decision-makers, the decision to give up crime, a decision-making approach to opioid addiction, the compatibility of rational choice and social control theories of crime, models of criminal decision making under uncertainty, an information processing analysis of the decision to commit a crime, offense specialization, criminal incapacitation effects considered in an adaptive choice framework, and a jurisprudential approach to practical reasoning and criminal responsibility.
The average number of rounds until incapacitation was also remarkably similar between calibers.
One condition that can lead to sudden pilot incapacitation in flight is vestibular neuritis.
The other and more controversial justification would be incapacitation.
Summary: The incapacitation of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, in hospital Tuesday after reports of suffering a stroke, comes at a crucial time for the country.
It caused me one month of incapacitation with complete bed rest and has lasting complications for which an operation may be necessary.