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incapacitate someone (for something) (for a period of time)

to make someone physically unfit for [doing] something for a period of time. The accident incapacitated Rick for further work for a year. Sam's carelessness incapacitated Frank for a month.
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Overall, the county's camera program in its current form - including the use of corridors and a minor enforcement change that took effect in 2009 - reduces fatal or incapacitating injuries by 39 percent on residential roads with speed limits of 25-35 mph, the researchers found.
Given the exigencies of modern warfare, it is no surprise that the world did not condemn Russia's use of a calmative agent when storming a Moscow theater in 2002, or that the 2008 Second Review Conference on the CWC could not agree on the status of incapacitating chemical weapons.
Abrupt onset of fever, frontal headaches, myalgias, and incapacitating arthralgias were predominant complaints.
Severity distribution of accidents on two-lane rural roads for State B, 1985-89 Severity Nonpassing Passing All accidents accidents accidents Fatal, incapacitating 12.
American Medical Systems' products reduce or eliminate the incapacitating effects of these diseases, often through minimally invasive therapies.
The possibility that I might have a heart attack or a stroke that would be incapacitating.
Introducing readers to chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, candida, allergies, brain fog, the detoxification of mercury and other heavy metals, healing the gut, balancing hormones, clearing infections, proper nutrition, and the spiritual and physical connection with chronic illnesses, Wellness: Piece By Piece provides a concise and complete understanding of the incapacitating disorders.
In this article, the author describes the case of a patient who developed incapacitating Meniere's symptom complex.
In one such colony, he noticed courting males succumbing to their own incapacitating chemistry.
They want to call it incapacitating agent or some other form, but it was nerve gas.
In our study of intentional gentamicin toxicity in patients with incapacitating unilateral Meniere's disease, the earliest we recognized a deafferentation was approximately day 9.
Powered by six AAAA batteries, it can deliver an incapacitating shock through clothing or leather, says Edward J.
These included alcohol- and drug-related problems, depression, mania, incapacitating anxiety, bizarre delusions and other psychotic symptoms, bodily preoccupations, and suicide attempts.