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incapacitate someone (for something) (for a period of time)

to make someone physically unfit for [doing] something for a period of time. The accident incapacitated Rick for further work for a year. Sam's carelessness incapacitated Frank for a month.
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The first named attorney may be in the same accident that incapacitates you and also may be unable to act.
Two barbs are projected which attach to the skin or clothing and deliver an electrical charge which temporarily incapacitates the suspect.
THE Taser is designed to incapacitate rather than injure.
He told the court: "The bullet flattens on impact and immediately incapacitates the target.
It explodes and what it does is it incapacitates the individual that we're trying to apprehend," Harper said.
states that in the 33 years of TASER(R) use no one has ever died proximate to being shot by a TASER(R) shocking at the power levels of the new LEA stun pistol with FMT Technology(TM) and explains how FMT Technology(TM) will effectively incapacitates violent assailants at the lower and less lethal power levels.