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in your face

1. interjection An aggressive exclamation of triumph said after one has defeated someone or proven someone wrong. Although rude, the phrase is often used jocularly, without actual hostility. You said I wouldn't make the team, and guess who's the newest member of the pitching staff? Yeah, that's right, in your face! I beat you, just as I predicted—in your face!
2. adjective Overtly aggressive, especially in an attempt to garner attention, interest, etc. Typically hyphenated. I don't think an in-your-face advertising campaign will work in this case. We need something more subtle. People hate buying cars because the salespeople are way too in-your-face. Nancy's in-your-face attitude will serve her well in the business world.
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COMMON If someone or something is in-your-face or in-yer-face, they are direct and forceful, in a way that might shock or offend some people. She was a lively, in-your-face woman who was sometimes too honest for her own good. This is one of the most in-yer-face movies of the year.
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mod. confrontational. Fred is just an in-your-face kind of guy. He means no harm.
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But before Mitsubishi talks about the oily bits it wants us to concentrate on the newcomer's looks, freshly minted from windscreen forward and fronted by the sort of unmissable, in-yer-face grille that is becoming the design trend of our time.
POST-JEREMY Kyle, a reader asks what happened to the promise to get rid of in-yer-face TV with people "trying to out-lie and score points off each other, cheered on by a mob-like audience and overseen by a preening, pompous and self-serving master of ceremonies." He says he tuned in to the BBC Parliament channel and it's still happening.
But there were signs that Sean Dyche's side are getting back to their in-yer-face best after picking up a single point from their opening three Premier League games.
The greasy conditions weren't conducive to the free-flowing easy-on-the-eye rugby that the Super Rugby high-flyers are used to playing, but they were clearly rattled by the line speed and physicality of the Lions' 'in-yer-face' defence.
A pencil's width longer than a Range Rover and easily as in-yer-face as the biggest-grilled Audis, the new Levante is not a car to be easily ignored.
They like to blend the two, resulting in softer and less in-yer-face lime numbers than New World 100% sauvignons.
The throaty roar of the exhaust and the classy exterior lines means the car turns heads but isn't as 'in-yer-face' as a Ferrari.
"He's not a 12-round fighter and I've proven on numerous occasions that I finish fights strongly - round seven to round 12 I'm ferocious, big, strong, in-yer-face, bullish, I push you back and hit you hard, and if you're fading you're heading for the canvas.
Matt and Tim presented a sketch comedy in Unity Theatre's bar, which Robert was invited to see, and this led to an experiment - the creation of a devised show which was honed through writing with an anarchic, comic, in-yer-face edge.
Wallace herself should take credit for redressing the critical invisibility David Greig suffered in the first part of his career, which began in the early 1990s but, as she observes, was probably obscured by the pervasiveness of the In-Yer-Face label.
"We have to listen to the kids," oft spoken by Stephen Daldry, the artistic director for the Royal Court Theatre during much of the 1990s, became one of the dominant philosophies for a sweeping theatrical movement in Britain known as In-Yer-Face theatre (Sierz, "Outrage").
"He's an in-yer-face kind of cricketer, and I like that about him.
The relationship with Jessie is pure fiction gold, setting the scene for riots of in-yer-face confrontations in novels to come.
Both are in-yer-face fighters who love to wear down their rivals, but whereas Curran has great experience, Cope has the unbeaten record.
(4) Indeed, the greater danger today, a decade after her tragic early death, is that of critical hagiography, with Kane lauded as one of the most original of a new breed of dynamic "in-yer-face" or "new brutalist" dramatists who rose to prominence during the 1990s.