the in thing

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the (in) thing

The newest, most recent, or most current trend, fashion, or style. Deep V-necks are becoming the in thing for wedding dresses lately. Smooth, edgeless bodies are the thing for smartphone designs these days.
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the in thing

That which is currently (and usually temporarily) fashionable or trendy. Haven't you heard? Wearing knee-high socks is the in thing now!
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the in thing (to do)

the fashionable thing to do. Eating low-fat food is the in thing to do. Bob is very old-fashioned. He never does the in thing.
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in thing, the

see under the thing.
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One of the in-things now is the wearing of face masks, not just for health reasons but to hide identities as well.
It is also good policy to decide for-and invest in-things eternal.
But how are you meant to keep up with the in-things in interiors without getting hysterical about home couture?
Last year, the in-things in ideal homes were en-suite bathrooms and large dining kitchens, while for 1997 it's the integral garage and the return of the utility room that are in vogue.