the in thing

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the (in) thing

The newest, most recent, or most current trend, fashion, or style. Deep V-necks are becoming the in thing for wedding dresses lately. Smooth, edgeless bodies are the thing for smartphone designs these days.
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the in thing

That which is currently (and usually temporarily) fashionable or trendy. Haven't you heard? Wearing knee-high socks is the in thing now!
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the in thing (to do)

the fashionable thing to do. Eating low-fat food is the in thing to do. Bob is very old-fashioned. He never does the in thing.
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in thing, the

see under the thing.
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Cost-cutting and austerity is the in-thing. Various arms of government have had to cut their expenditures as the National Treasury restructures spending to keep the economy afloat.
Point to point bus (P2P) service is the in-thing for public transportation now in Metro Manila.
In the 1980s and early 1990s, we were the in-thing when it comes to table tennis.
Former Australian great Jones, who is the coach of the Pakthoons team, was asked whether five-over tournaments will be the next in-thing. "I don't think it will get any lower.
PODCASTS are still the in-thing - if you're listening to the radio you're so last century.
Podcasts are still the in-thing - if you're still listening to the radio you're so last century.
It seems like having a dark theme is the new 'in-thing' when it comes to UI design.
I always see a lot of people with chips on their shoulders, as though they were the latest in-thing. Even social media is awash with so much digital negativity these days, you'd believe they were blood-related to LeBron.
After almost 40 years of monopoly by Japanese brands in the commercial sector, it is now China which will become the next in-thing for Pakistan,' Meghani said, adding that many prominent auto manufactures now prefer China as hub of their production.
"Twenty years ago, PPPs in the UK were the in-thing, but over time they came to realise that mistakes were made, and they had to ensure that the risks associated with partnerships were properly distributed and that there was accountability," she said.
Eco-friendly practices and green designs are becoming the 'in-thing' so to speak among hotel establishments nowadays as a show of their full support for natural resource conservation efforts.
Obviously Tonisha thought it was the in-thing because she'd seen it on TV.
Sabah Zahhar, a sociologist at the Saudi German Hospital in Asir, said that girls are attracted to hookah because they think this is the in-thing, or the latest fad.
they appear to be the new in-thing from the in-crowd.