in with

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in (good) with (someone)

Receiving someone's favor. The superintendent is a powerful woman in the school district, so I hope you're in with her. Did you really bake John a cake? Well, you'll definitely be in good with him now.

*in (good) with (someone)

in someone's favor. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) hope I can get in good with the teacher. I need an A in the course. Mary is always trying to get in with the people who are in charge.

*in with someone

favored by someone; experiencing someone's goodwill. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I'm really in with my Spanish professor. I am trying to get in with the bank manager so I can get a loan. Are you in with John? I need to ask him for a favor.

in with

enjoying friendly relations with. informal
1990 Jeffrey Masson Final Analysis I was in demand everywhere…simply because I was in with the right people.

in with

In league or association with: He is in with the wrong crowd.