in trouble

*in trouble

1. in danger; in difficulty; due for punishment. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) If you don't be quiet, you're going to be in trouble. The company was in trouble for months, and then went bankrupt.
2. Euph. pregnant and unmarried. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) They had to get married. She was in trouble. She'll be in trouble before long, if she doesn't quit running around like that.
See also: trouble
References in classic literature ?
What bit at his consciousness and was a painful incitement in it, was his desire to be with Skipper who was not right, and who was in trouble.
But in his heart he knew great trouble in that Skipper was in trouble.
It seems to me, my dear child," said the Doctor at parting, holding her hand, "you seem to me to be in trouble.
And if you don't help the other animals now, the lions may find themselves left all alone when THEY are in trouble.
And always when Adam stayed away for several weeks from the Hall Farm, and otherwise made some show of resistance to his passion as a foolish one, Hetty took care to entice him back into the net by little airs of meekness and timidity, as if she were in trouble at his neglect.
However, if the detainees get in trouble with local law enforcement departments, then it is likely that they will wind up back in the York County prison and the county will lose the revenues but will not be able to cut costs.
Mr Nally had never been in trouble in his life and it is quite obvious he was forced to take such drastic action.
To avoid getting in trouble down the line as a result of delivering assistance in living (AIL) services in existing independent living units, ask yourself six tough questions now, and answer them from the perspective of the years 2005 through 2010:
A legal permanent resident, he was raised in America and did well until high school when he got in trouble with a gang.
But he was a clean-cut boy who attended school and had never been in trouble with the law.
He's a person who's twenty-one years old, never in trouble in his life," says Berman.
The toll has risen so alarmingly that, according to news reports, border patrol guards are now receiving training in first aid and carrying water and high-energy bars to aid those in trouble.
Many players had previously been in trouble with the law, with some arrested for car theft, vandalism and shoplifting.
When a girl gets in trouble, Vera stops by and takes care of the matter.
He's always getting in trouble, and the reason is that he focuses on himself.