in (one's) (infinite) wisdom

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in (one's) (infinite) wisdom

Used ironically when describing one's action or decision that the speaker thinks was particularly stupid or ill advised. The management, in their infinite wisdom, decided to cut employees' benefits while demanding that they work even longer hours.
See also: wisdom

in someone's wisdom

used ironically to suggest that an action is not well judged.
1992 Rugby World & Post In their wisdom Ciaran Fitzgerald and his selectors decided to dispense with the incumbent, Rob Saunders , and bring Aherne back for his thirteenth Irish cap.
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in your, his, etc. (infinite) ˈwisdom

used when you are saying that you do not understand why somebody has done something: The government in its wisdom has decided to support the ban.
See also: wisdom
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The FA in their infinite wisdom decide on 25,000 tickets per team.
The council, in their infinite wisdom, spent at least pounds 770,000 on the Olympics, while closing sports facilities for the people of Coventry.
Some of these are in a very sorry state and who in their infinite wisdom decided to paint them and the animals battleship grey?
Dear Editor, Despite The BBC in their infinite wisdom screening on television last Saturday afternoon Birmingham Opera Company's production of Verdi's Othello that clashed with the Manchester Utd v Crawley FA cup tie on ITV, I was torn between the two and tossed a coin.
THE Football Association of Ireland have, in their infinite wisdom, declared that they will counsel senior players before making a choice on the next manager.
IN their infinite wisdom, the FA have allowed competitive football to start at Under-9 level.
LAST week I had a pop at Nintendo who, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to call their next-generation games console "Wii".
In their infinite wisdom, they have chosen Back to School for this karaoke theme night.
s war on guns,'' I see our city elders in their infinite wisdom and wishful thinking have determined that by passing new legislation allowing residents to buy only one handgun a month, they will make L.
MY grandson was deprived of a day's education because the idiots who run the system had decided, in their infinite wisdom, to send his teachers off on a training day.
COULD someone please tell me who in their infinite wisdom decided to take all our medical records from Coventry, Rugby and Nuneaton to Derbyshire?
FIFA in their infinite wisdom have decided not to change the rule which sees players sent off when they concede a penalty as last man.
I POPPED into my local the White Lion of Mortimer for a lunchtime jar, only to find that, in their infinite wisdom, owners JD Wetherspoon have chucked out all the lovely, atmospheric old tat and turned it into an airport lounge.
It is a shame that the Pacific Theatres, in their infinite wisdom, could not invest its money to improve the Winnetka Drive-In, rather than tear it down and build another massive eyesore that will not really support itself over time.
Then there is the utterly ridiculous scenario where hospital managers decided in their infinite wisdom not to include the building of kitchens in order to prepare and cook food on the premises.