in (one's) (own) back yard

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in (one's) (own) back yard

In or near to one's area of residence or business. Local farmers have banded together to protest the government's plan of building a series of windfarm generators in their back yard. We don't want to have such a large, ugly monument in our own back yard.
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in one's (own) backyard

Fig. very close to one, where one lives, or where one is. That kind of thing is quite rare. Imagine it happening right in your backyard. You always think of something like that happening to someone else. You never expect to find it in your own backyard.
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in one's own backyard

In one's own domain, in a position very close to one. For example, You didn't expect to find a first-class organist in your own backyard. [Mid-1900s] Also see close to home.
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in your (own) backˈyard

in or near the place where you live or work: The residents didn’t want a new factory in their backyard.The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard (= from his own members).
The term nimby is formed from the first letters of not in my backyard. A nimby is a person who claims to be in favour of a new project, but objects if it is too near their home and will disturb them in some way.
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Undeterred by legal setbacks, Australian vegan Cilla Carden said Wednesday she's considering further legal action against neighbors who insist on barbecuing fish in their backyard.
"What they are doing is living in their backyard and their home as a family."
In geopolitics, great powers customarily regard smaller states on their borders as being "in their backyard" and thus take a dim view of political and economic meddling by rival great powers in their backyard states.
China viewed those efforts as meddling in their backyard and took measures to put a stop to them by bypassing sanctions as it moved nuclear technology for North Korea within selective global markets, while at the same time allowing the U.S.
Maybe they won't need to go online to know anti-social behaviour is out of control in their backyard.
Julie Roderick and her husband, Matthew Roderick, parents of a 2-year-old and 5-year-old, live in Brookfield and have an above-ground pool in their backyard. They said they are always safety conscious when it comes to their two young children, but especially when it comes to their backyard pool.
Since kids didn't lose their constitutional rights in their backyard, they couldn't lose them on campus.
The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance calls it "an accident in progress." Said one former Oak Ridge employee, who is now a member of the alliance: "They've got a nuclear pipe bomb in their backyard there."
California recently relaxed restrictions statewide to help more homeowners build more ADUs in their backyards.
"People who are gardening or composting in their backyards and have questions can call us, and we walk them through whatever they need and help," Master Gardener Deb Schmidt said.
The program will continue for the next six months and one objective is to assist persons in establishing gardens in their backyards, hopefully reducing grocery bills by about 20%, he said.
As homeowners spend more time in their backyards, they are seeking out new and innovative ways to make their outdoor spaces as inviting as their living rooms.
The Valley kids in their backyards were staging their performance art, a kind of tract-home art a povera suffused by a spirited sense of absurdist theater.
Perhaps the key to educating the public about forest pests in their backyards is this: We like trees in our cities and backyards, but we must take the good with the bad.