in the wake of

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in the wake of (something)

1. In the aftermath of something, often as a consequence. In the wake of the scandal, several committee members resigned.
2. Coming immediately after something. In the wake of the final scene, the audience burst into applause.
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in the wake of something

Fig. after something; as a result of some event. (Alludes to a ship's wake.) We had no place to live in the wake of the fire. In the wake of the storm, there were many broken tree limbs.
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in the wake of

1. Following directly on, as in In the wake of the procession, a number of small children came skipping down the aisle. This usage alludes to the waves made behind a passing vessel. [c. 1800]
2. In the aftermath of, as a consequence of, as in Famine often comes in the wake of war. [Mid-1800s]
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in the wake of somebody/something

coming after and resulting from somebody/something; behind somebody/something: Disease began spreading in the wake of the floods.The tourists left all sorts of rubbish in their wake. OPPOSITE: in advance (of something)
As a ship moves through the water, it leaves a wake (= disturbed water) behind it.
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in the wake of

1. Following directly on.
2. In the aftermath of; as a consequence of.
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The secret evidence cases began after passage of anti-terrorism and immigration legislation that was pushed through Congress in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.
The Third Circuit issued its decision in PNC after the initial Tax Court briefs in Lychuk and asked the Service to clarify its position in the wake of the Third Circuit opinion.
Ask Net-pioneer America Online about its comfort level in the wake of a string of recent incidents.
Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) [India], Dec 3 ( ANI ): Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday reached Kanyakumari to review the current situation in the wake of the cyclonic storm 'Ockhi' which has tormented the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and now Lakshadweep.
ISLAMABAD -- State Minister for Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry has said the government respect the right to protest by anyone but the process of country's progress should not stop in the wake of these protests and sit ins.
The core reason for destructions in the wake of floods is mainly due to release of excessive water from India, added the PM.
Northumbria Police have increased overnight patrols - by foot and car - in The Avenues area of Blyth in the wake of reported burglaries of homes, sheds and garages in the last week or so.
The meeting comes in the wake of the news that break-ins at homes were up 4% in the last set of crime figures, prompting fears of a ''credit crunch crimewave''.
The quiz, in which listeners are tested on their musical knowledge, was taken off the air in the wake of the fiasco in which BBC staff posed as viewers and listeners in phone-ins.
Former World Cup teammate McLoughlin reckons the ex-Liverpool and Blackburn boss can help Staunton turn things around in the wake of Saturday's embarrassing 5-2 defeat in Cyprus.
And two of Juventus' World Cup all-stars, Thuram and Zambrotta, making their debuts in the wake of Italy's calciopoli scandal.
In the wake of Judge Glyan's verdict, Der expressed relief: "Now I can go on with my life.
To reflect the heightened importance of border security in the wake of Sept.
Waheed Khalid is the vice president of HELP (the Human Rights Education and Law Project), an organization formed in the wake of September 11 to educate the public and provide legal assistance to detainees.
Among Janet Reno's first comments in the wake of the raid was a denial of endangerment.