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But that doesn't make you bulletproof in the trouser department.
Someone who has a nanny, a housekeeper and a PA isn't really Superwoman" Businesswoman Nicola Horlick, above, on her nickname "I hope all my gags are clever, whether they are in the trouser department or in the cerebral department and sometimes those things can be the same thing" Comedian and TV writer Ben Elton "They have got to be ready to say to someone 'Just stop, don't speak to me that way'.
And the female interviewees were adamant that a guy who was well-endowed in the trouser department was very much on their between-the-sheets wanted list.
Not to mention a long way since he had to grin and bare at what he was gifted in the trouser department.
Dr Ian Banks, of Men's Health Forum, which did the poll, said: "To be fully functional in the trouser department, men should look at losing weight.
A guest said: "She and Tara were squealing with laughter and Kelly's hand signals suggested that Billy's a big boy in the trouser department.
An onlooker said: "I heard her mention a celebrity who was huge in the trouser department.
Women always told me I was big in the trouser department but this is a joke.
Shop owner Len Rogers, 37, said: "I guess we're looking for a couple of guys who are lacking in the trouser department.
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