in the nude

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in the ˈnude

wearing no clothes; naked: It’s a painting of the Duchess of Alba in the nude.People sunbathe in the nude on the rocks above the creek.
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The photos showed Pitt and Paltrow frolicking in the nude outside a hotel bungalow on a Caribbean island two years ago.
The film, which also has co-star Dominic West in the nude, has already been seen in US cinemas, where audiences were surprised to see so much naked flesh.
The jury found that Thad's Social Club, where for a fee customers could ``disrobe, socialize and dance in the nude and/or engage in sexual acts,'' was the target of a vendetta.
Olympic team, most of them photographed in the nude.
The "Deception" actress also received positive support from her fans who tried to cheer her up through their messages and told her that she looked "good" in the nudes and most of them were "tastefully done.