in the mainstream

*in the mainstream (of something)

following the current trends or styles that are popular or are considered normal. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) Bob is too old-fashioned to be in the mainstream of modern living.
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Overton's experience helps demonstrate how black businesses could obtain some level of flexibility through conglomeration and agglomeration, but it also demonstrates that despite these advantages, black businesses still ran a high risk of falling victim to broader structural shifts in the mainstream economy.
He had established himself in the mainstream economy.
But I've never seen it discussed in the mainstream.
Unlike those in the mainstream organizations, people involved in the environmental justice movement cannot afford to lose sight of the material circumstances of the black, brown, red, and yellow folks who are their compatriots and constituents.
While scratch & dent RMBS are not eligible to be in the mainstream umbrella of prime, Alt-A and subprime RMBS because of various loan level concerns, Fitch has already analyzed 36 transactions from 15 different issuers during the first three quarters of 2005, totaling almost $7 billion and reflecting a 436% aggregate level increase from two years ago.
His support for a two-state solution that would allow an independent Palestine to co-exist alongside Israel puts him in the mainstream of Palestinian opinion.