in the hope of

in the hope of

With the expectation, intention, or desire of (something or something happening). He strove to be well-behaved in prison, in the hope of an early release. I'm being extra nice to my sister all through December, in the hope of getting a new video game for Christmas.
See also: hope, of

in the hope

see under in hopes of.
See also: hope

in the hope of something


in the hope that...

because you want something to happen: I called early in the hope of catching her before she went to work.He asked her again in the vain hope that he could persuade her to come (= it was impossible).
See also: hope, of, something
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So long as the former Soviet Republics cling to their nuclear arsenals in the hope of gaining international prestige, other nations will similarly seek to enhance their status by acquiring nuclear weapons capability.