in the/somebody's blood/genes

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in the blood

Innate, as of a skill or quality. That type of passion can't be taught—it's in the blood.
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in the blood

 and in one's blood
Fig. built into one's personality or character. John's a great runner. It's in his blood. The whole family is very athletic. It's in the blood.
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in the/somebody’s ˈblood/ˈgenes

part of somebody’s nature and shared by other members of their family: Both his father and his mother were writers, so literature runs in his blood.
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The results show that the variants in the genes coding for functional kidney proteins have little clinical relevance in INS while variants in genes involved in glucocorticoid metabolism show marginal association with INS.
oxidative stress) affect behavioral function and change, and b) explore age effects in the genes or QTLs implicated in behavioral functioning (e.g.