in the fast lane

in the fast lane

1. In a very successful position or on the path to a successful outcome. Their revolutionary computer chip suddenly put the small tech company in the fast lane.
2. Engaging in energetic, pleasure-driven, and often risky behavior. He always lived his life in the fast lane, and he ended up dying at a very young age.
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*in the fast lane

Fig. in a very active or possible risky manner. (See also life in the fast lane. *Typically: be ~; live ~; move~; Stay ~.) Fred lives in the fast lane. It's lucky he's still alive.
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in the fast lane

where life is exciting or highly pressured.
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in the ˈfast lane

(informal) the exciting and sometimes risky way of life typical of very successful people: I hear you’ve just been made chief of the Berlin office, Joan. How’s life in the fast lane? OPPOSITE: in the slow lane
The fast lane is the part of a main road such as a motorway, where vehicles drive fastest.
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fast lane/track, in/on the

An exciting, competitive, high-pressure activity or life-style. Alluding to the express lane of highways and (originally) railroad lines, this metaphor originated about the middle of the twentieth century and may refer not only to hectic high-pressure activity but also to rapid advancement. Richard M. Nixon used it in 1965: “New York . . . is a place where you can’t slow down—a fast track” (New York Times Magazine).
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I was in the fast lane, when the fast lane narrowed and I suddenly had to merge onto another lane in a very risky way.
Thiruvananthapuram: As far as overt displays of wealth goes, few could match the flamboyance of Mohammad Nisham, the 40-year-old business tycoon from Kerala who loved a fast cars, enjoyed life in the fast lane and cared two hoots for the law.
In response to KJ's letter (1st July 2008 - Driving in the Fast Lane) I would like to say that I am disgusted and apalled by the inherent racism.
The Tory MP and London mayoral candidate, 43, weaved between traffic and even overtook in the fast lane of the M40 with just one hand on the wheel.
But in his book Life In The Fast Lane, Boris said: "I don't believe using a mobile phone when driving is necessarily any more dangerous than nose-picking."
The truck's driver, Cory Haws, had been traveling north in the fast lane of the freeway when he lost consciousness.
What is the toll for living in the fast lane? We are rarely told, beyond the formulaic endings in the movies and on TV where the denizens of the "fast lane" demimonde get gunned down by the wholesome representatives of law and order.
Dubai: Motorists who drive slow in the fast lane of the highway, posing a threat to themselves and to the lives of others, can be fined for this even if they are driving over the minimum speed limit, the Director of Dubai Traffic Police has warned.
People wanting to drive at lower speeds should keep to the slower lanes but most do not follow this rule and even drive at the minimum speed in the fast lane.