in the context of

in the context of (something)

In or amid the surrounding words or event that gives something its complete, original, or genuine meaning. All injuries are more costly in the context of the playoffs. Oh no, in the context of the original interview, her comments made perfect sense.
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in the context of something

in the circumstances under which something happens or has happened. In the context of a funeral, laughing loudly is inappropriate. In the context of an argument, it is fine to speak firmly.
See also: context, of
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In the context of the prevailing security milieu, threat alerts about possible terrorist attacks on these vital installations were received from intelligence sources quite frequently.
This was achieved through KZT1.4bn FX gains on investments (2014: KZT0.1bn FX loss), which arose in the context of a severe devaluation of Kazakh tenge in 2015.
The court, however, found that "the distinction between an employee and an independent contractor, critical in the context of collecting unemployment benefits and workers' compensation, is immaterial in the instant case." The court said that whether he considered himself an independent contractor or a municipal official, the ordinary meaning of "employment" (to hire or engage the services of someone) encompassed his relationship with the town.
The research will be done in the context of the development of highly automated, high quality, cost-effective systems for collecting geo-information.
The factoid, first noted by security site Sophos, was in the context of an entry introducing new security features for the social network.
Or maybe it just seems safer to question Ms Dorries's skills as a driver in the context of her job rather than her gender, when she is behind the wheel of something that could cause serious injury.
In the context of interesting advertisements promoting "a new design for living," she examines "weapons of mass persuasion" tie-ins with defense industry products and New Deal recovery efforts.
and Gestatten ..., of course, is that Immendorff's aspirations to relate his work to social realities have been replaced by an ambition to place it in the context of art history.
In the Wood decision, Arizona adopted a "triple-trigger" or continuous trigger theory in the context of what was an underlying toxic tort bodily injury.
Mano a Mano plans to run ads in local Spanish-language newspapers this fall that place gay people in the context of familia.
Design in Context, Decide in Context--ENOVIA VPM Navigator provides unprecedented data management capabilities from within the familiar environment of CATIA, allowing engineers to manage their designs in the context of the overall product, collaborate in a dynamic design environment, avoid errors, and speed development cycles.
Federal courts are divided on the crucial question of whether [section]242(a)(2)(B)(ii)'s catch-all phrase, "any other [discretionary] decision or action of the Attorney General [except asylum]" should be given a narrow interpretation, as applying only to decisions made in the context of removal proceedings, or whether it should be construed broadly as barring federal court review of all discretionary immigration decisions.
In the context of medical malpractice, tort reform legislation generally limits the amount of damages awarded to plaintiffs, particularly for noneconomic damages--for pain, suffering, and emotional distress--and punitive damages.
It's ironic too in the context of my daily work which in volves using the w eband e- mail for fast-paced communications.
The need to examine genetic and environmental influences and behaviors in the context of dynamism of interactive aging systems is increasingly apparent, and unprecedented opportunities to do so are now available.