in the case of

in the case of (someone or something)

In reference to; in the instance of; concerning. Well, in the case of your sister, we didn't have to give her a curfew because she never stayed out late.
See also: case, of

in the case of someone or something

in the matter of someone or something; in the instance of someone or something. In the case of John, I think we had better allow his request. In the case of this woman, we'll not grant permission.
See also: case, of

in the case of

Regarding, in the matter of, in that instance. For example, In the case of James, they decided to promote him to the next grade. [Late 1300s] Also see in case, def. 2.
See also: case, of
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Trade procedures should ensure that the reconciled authorized orders are executed recorded, confirmed, settled in the customer's account and in the case of TSC or deemed TSC broker, the broker maintains the segregated custody of customer balances to prevent misuse of client funds.
The Florida Supreme Court addressed the constitutionality of the no-fault property damage statute in the case of Kluger v.
Workers' compensation covers employees in the case of injury, disability or death resulting from workplace hazards.
She said in the case of an unaccompanied minor, INS regulations say it must "attempt to remedy the situation by finding the child's parent or legal guardian, even if that person is outside the United States.
In the case of rape, Collins says that agents count on women not to come forward and hold their perpetrators accountable.
In the case of a person who moves to or from the United States during the year, this allows a treaty-based residency determination for any portion of the year during which dual residency exists (Regs.
Canada adopted this argument in the case of the Ecuadoran woman, who had repeatedly asked for police protection to no avail.
I was specifically interested in the case of a Minneapolis woman who had become the target of FBI harassment after she had hosted a group of West Bank mayors during their tour of the United States.