nip in the bud

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nip (something) in the bud

To stop, cease, or prevent something at the beginning or early phase, before it becomes too difficult or unmanageable. I've noticed that Tommy's getting in the bad habit of chewing with is mouth open. Let's nip that in the bud. Why don't you nip the issue in the bud before starts affecting the entire user base?
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nip something in the bud

Fig. to put an end to something before it develops into something larger. (Alludes to destroying a flower bud before it blooms.) I wanted to nip that little romance in the bud. The whole idea was nipped in the bud.
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nip in the bud

Halt something at an early stage, or thoroughly check something. For example, By arresting all the leaders, they nipped the rebellion in the bud. This metaphoric expression, alluding to a spring frost that kills flower buds, was first recorded in a Beaumont and Fletcher play of 1606-1607.
See also: bud, nip
References in classic literature ?
The Northwest Company had made a second memorial to that government, representing Astoria as an American establishment, stating the vast scope of its contemplated operations, magnifying the strength of its fortifications, and expressing their fears that, unless crushed in the bud, it would effect the downfall of their trade.
Fearsome-looking as they were, I did not know whether to fear them or not, for they did not seem to be particularly well equipped for fighting, and I was on the point of stepping from my hiding-place and revealing myself to them to note the effect upon them of the sight of a man when my rash resolve was, fortunately for me, nipped in the bud by a strange shrieking wail, which seemed to come from the direction of the bluffs at my right.
We want to nip any potential for break-ins in the bud by reminding residents to take care.
Presto change-o in the bud department makes you a fair weather friend--you're around when things are good and disappear when something (a party at the most popular girl's house) or someone "more important" (a crush) comes along.
There has been a general upward trend in this type of incident which we are keen to nip in the bud.
They're recognizing the need to act fast and with compassion, to nip crises in the bud, and to prepare by storing up chips.
26, 1992, consumers will learn if they are eligible to win -- for the first time in Super Bowl and beer industry promotional history -- a $1 million cash prize, awarded in the Bud Bowl IV sweepstakes (where legal).
At the conclusion of the ski season, 6,000 of these racers will earn a spot in the Bud All-Stars rankings program, which lists the top adult racers nationally in all 50 states.