in the boondocks

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*in the boondocks

 and *in the boonies
in a rural area; far away from a city or population. (*Typically: be ~; camp ~; live ~; stay ~.) Perry lives out in the boonies with his parents.
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It also is a vehicle that you feel good in whether out in the boonies or handing off to the valet at a fancy restaurant in Scottsdale.
I guess that qualifies me as a homesteader who lives in the boonies of the Salmon River Valley in central Idaho.
375 H&H you can go into the smallest gun store in the boonies anywhere in the world and get ammo.
That's never a good situation when you're out in the boonies.
It was quite a coincidence the Zero team happened to wander upon our seven-stair session at 4:00am, a rail out in the boonies hidden behind a church at 4:00am, or the next day when he wouldn't answer our calls--then we saw him at the park with the Zero guys.
Spread across 135 square miles hidden in the boonies of the rainforest, the eco-cops are learning how to raid illegal mining and logging squats and apprehend thieves stealing plants and animals.
Therefore, I was assigned as the squadron driver and was assigned to unload truckloads of ordinance from the ships and transport them to the ordinance depot way out in the boonies all night long without as much as a man riding shotgun.
He had had a big bite of the American dream, and for someone who started out as a farm boy in the boonies, that had been quite an adventure.
The film's boiler room is a bomb-shelter-like chamber located far away from Wall Street in the boonies of Long Island.
Meanwhile, out here in the boonies, people are drying prematurely of cancer, we got fish in the rivers that nobody wants to eat, and babies are being born with bad kidneys and lungs.
The second bit of relevant local news is that in my little county way out in the boonies (McLean County, population about 9,500 and dropping because of lack of jobs), Barmet Aluminum Corporation generates 11.
And finally, it should be a vehicle that you feel good in, whether you're out in the boonies or at a fancy dinner in Scottsdale.
So take a look at the bottom of the shroud after you've been operating in the boonies.
Living our in the boonies, these things are hard to get.