in the boondocks

*in the boondocks

 and *in the boonies
in a rural area; far away from a city or population. (*Typically: be ~; camp ~; live ~; stay ~.) Perry lives out in the boonies with his parents.
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Most of the hostages are kept in the boondocks of Basilan and Sulu, both island provinces off the southern island of Mindanao.
It also provides room for one to examine how critical pedagogy and critical spirituality are visible in the Boondocks and when the animated series is viewed as a form of curriculum.
Luke Scott (son of Ridley) directs the story of corporate troubleshooter Lee (Kate Mara) who's dispatched by a shady company to a secret laboratory hidden in the boondocks.
But most impact wrenches don't have enough juice to do the job, especially in the boondocks.
No wonder, then, that demographers are calling the 'oos "the decade of the exurb," with the fastest population growth happening way out in the boondocks, where a person might still drive and talk on his cell phone--assuming he can get a signal.
Having said that, the book makes one itch to get out in the boondocks and rediscover the old boom-and-bust towns, diamond frauds, and Native American battle sites.
Chasing Dreams in the Boondocks is the memoir of one man's quest to bring his childhood dream to life--the dream of building a golf course by hand the old fashioned way.
He is concerned with how to represent the exclusion experienced by the faculty laboring in the boondocks.
They're of the mind that we're out here in the boondocks and therefore they can do what they please," he said.
The creation of 27-year-old cartoonist Aaron McGruder, Huey Freeman appears daily in The Boondocks, a comic strip featured in 250 of America's largest newspapers, including the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Philadelphia Inquirer.
Instead of the studied silence of many comic strips, the young African-American characters in The Boondocks have tackled the war in Afghanistan.
Kathie Kerr, director of communications of Universal Press Syndicate, one of the eight major comic strip industry leaders, says that her company was interested in The Boondocks because "the editors were blown away by the artwork.
Unhappy in the boondocks of Italy, the best-looking Anto (Flavio Pistilli) goes to Bologna to study, but college texts are as far beyond him as college girls.