in the absence of

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in the absence of someone or something

while someone or something isn't here; without someone or something. In the absence of the cook, I'll prepare dinner. In the absence of opposition, she won easily.
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But in the absence of anything better, many INS district directors instructed their examiners to choose their questions off of the list of 100.
For example, in the absence of any cultural factor, agents with relatively low metabolism and high vision enjoy a selective advantage in Sugarscape.
And no other solution can deliver the quality of reporting that is possible using Excel add-ins; in the absence of an add-in, users often copy the data into Excel anyway.
It is more an ontological oddity: a private space with public aspirations, an art object with blatant use value, a museum exhibition in the absence of a museum, if not of its institutional procedures and ritual objects - uniformed guards, official hours, and a show on loan from another museum (an exhibition of Pardo's handblown glass lights, borrowed from the Museum Boijmarts Van Beuningen in Rotterdam).
Even in the absence of a concern for squirrels, one would presumably be concerned that a dog or cat, or even a small child, might consume the touted bait.
The problem lies not so much in the effects of the fat substitutes on flavor as in the absence of fat.
Standing default instructions for segregation exemptions and priorities will be used in the absence of participant input.
The 12 candidates chosen to accept this assignment are playing with a stacked deck; if they win, the spin back in the states will be they simply minded the chips in the absence of Vin Baker, Gary Payton, Terrell Brandon, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Tom Gugliotta, Tim Hardaway, Grant Hill, Allan Houston, Christian Laettner, Glen Rice and Chris Webber.
In the absence of familiar cues, including the artist's previous work, we are tugged between gut reactions of amusement, disgust, pleasure, and a more critical objectivity with respect to the bizarre narrative direction in which Dunham is taking us.
In the absence of universal transliteration standards, human transcript of foreign text into the Latin alphabet can result in significant corruption of the data and mismatches in searches.
In the absence of a guarantee, it is likely that the ratings on CIE and CI would be lowered to the triple-'B' category," said Simon Marshall, an associate director at Standard & Poor's Insurance Ratings Group in London.
Therefore, in the absence of an unconditional guarantee, the ratings would be lowered because of a weakening in the stand-alone financial strength characteristics of the companies.
In Michelson, for example, the Court noted that an appraiser is generally not liable to anyone other than his or her client in the absence of fraud.
In the absence of an upturn in the pricing cycle, profitability will decline sharply from recent levels.