in sync (with someone or something)

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in sync (with someone or something)

1. Happening, functioning, or moving at the same time and pace as someone or something; simultaneously. Every soldier in the squad marched perfectly in sync. Is it just me, or is the audio not in sync with the movie?
2. Sharing the same or similar goals, ideals, desires, likes, dislikes, etc. with someone; having the same or similar perspectives or opinions as someone. Throughout the date, it just seemed like she and I were totally in sync about everything we brought up. If your team isn't in sync with one another, you're going to have a hard time getting this project done.
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in sync

If two things are in sync, they match or happen together as they should. Note: `Sync' is sometimes spelled `synch'. They swayed back and forth, more or less in sync with the music. Mr D and Mr B nodded perfectly groomed grey heads in sync.
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in (or out of) sync

working well (or badly) together; in (or out of) agreement.
Sync (or synch ) is an informal abbreviation of synchronization .
1997 Sunday Times The most serious obstacle is the fact that the British economy's cycle is out of sync with Europe.
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in/out of ˈsync

(informal) moving or working/not moving or working at exactly the same time and speed as somebody/something else: The soundtrack is not in sync with the picture.Can we try that part of the dance again? I think we were out of sync.
Sync is a short form of synchronization.
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It also reflects the commitment and resolve of Pakistan Navy to defend geographical frontiers of the motherland in sync with Pakistan Army and Air Force.'
Yet, without spectrum allocations or ratified standards, operators need a migration tactic allowing them to leverage current network investments in sync with their 5G evolution strategies.
Syncdocs keeps PC folders in sync with Google Docs accounts.
Within 4 months, Glovinsky got Erin in sync with her school's schedule.
The integration of fusionOne enables Franklin Planner users to keep their personal information fully in sync with their desktop PCs, handhold devices and mobile phones.
These racist and alarmist stories are in sync with the message from Washington.