in sync

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in sync

If two things are in sync, they match or happen together as they should. Note: `Sync' is sometimes spelled `synch'. They swayed back and forth, more or less in sync with the music. Mr D and Mr B nodded perfectly groomed grey heads in sync.
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in (or out of) sync

working well (or badly) together; in (or out of) agreement.
Sync (or synch ) is an informal abbreviation of synchronization .
1997 Sunday Times The most serious obstacle is the fact that the British economy's cycle is out of sync with Europe.
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in/out of ˈsync

(informal) moving or working/not moving or working at exactly the same time and speed as somebody/something else: The soundtrack is not in sync with the picture.Can we try that part of the dance again? I think we were out of sync.
Sync is a short form of synchronization.
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Now with the advanced speech technology in Sync, Ford is able to offer drivers newfound convenience, safety and user experience for enjoying the myriad in-car communications and entertainment options.
Sync University students will gain understanding in sync theory and practices, get in-depth answers to real-world sync issues, learn about sync applications and emerging trends, and understand how to plan sync networks.
Sync-it, based on Pumatech's industry-leading, fourth-generation Intellisync(R) synchronization software, enables users to keep multiple devices such as Palm OS(R) handhelds, notebook computers and desktop PCs in sync via the Internet.
Our latest set-top Box SDK, announced today, will work in sync with the National Platform and MSTV to provide an integrated development environment for OEMs looking to deliver a set-top box to market quickly.
The integration of fusionOne enables Groove users to keep their Groove address book and calendars fully in sync with their desktop PCs, handheld devices, web applications -- and even their mobile phones, regardless of system or application compatibilities.
Our goal at fusionOne is to keep all personal content up-to-date and in sync across all devices seamlessly," said Rick Onyon, president and CEO of fusionOne.