in spite of yourself

in spite of (oneself)

1. Despite one's own foibles, mistakes, or flaws. Somehow the Eagles managed to pull off a victory in spite of themselves. I knocked over my drink and called her the wrong name at one point, but all in all, I think the date went well in spite of myself.
2. Despite or against one's desire or intention. I was scared senseless when I realized there was a burglar in the house, but I laughed in spite of myself when he slipped on a banana peel on the kitchen floor.
See also: of, spite

(do something) in ˈspite of yourself

(do something) even though you do not want or expect to: He was a bit depressed so I tried to cheer him up with a joke. He smiled in spite of himself.
See also: of, spite
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It pierces the Based on the real relationship of Made In China's founders Tim Cowbury and Jess Latowicki, it pierces the heart of intimacy and immediacy and defies you to watch in spite of yourself.
in spite of yourself Tonight I'm Gonna Be The New Me forces us to consider how much we can endure - in relationships, in society and in life.
The artist is a new old master, integrating the traditional idea of a picture with a modernist sensibility to produce what Delacroix called a "masterpiece": a work the sight of which "checks you in spite of yourself, capitivates you in a contemplation to which nothing bids you except an invincible charm.