in spite of yourself

in spite of (oneself)

1. Despite one's own foibles, mistakes, or flaws. Somehow the Eagles managed to pull off a victory in spite of themselves. I knocked over my drink and called her the wrong name at one point, but all in all, I think the date went well in spite of myself.
2. Despite or against one's desire or intention. I was scared senseless when I realized there was a burglar in the house, but I laughed in spite of myself when he slipped on a banana peel on the kitchen floor.
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(do something) in ˈspite of yourself

(do something) even though you do not want or expect to: He was a bit depressed so I tried to cheer him up with a joke. He smiled in spite of himself.
See also: of, spite
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in spite of yourself Tonight I'm Gonna Be The New Me forces us to consider how much we can endure - in relationships, in society and in life.
It pierces the heart of intimacy and immediacy and defies you to watch in spite of yourself '
How to Be Organized in Spite of Yourself: Time and Space Management That Works With Your Personal Style by Sunny Schlenger (Signet Book; $6.99)
The artist is a new old master, integrating the traditional idea of a picture with a modernist sensibility to produce what Delacroix called a "masterpiece": a work the sight of which "checks you in spite of yourself, capitivates you in a contemplation to which nothing bids you except an invincible charm."