in respect of

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in respect of (someone or something)

1. In reference to someone or something; considering someone or something. In respect of the defense's claim that Ms. Smith acted alone, we have evidence to the contrary. Arrangements have been made in respect of the family members of the deceased.
2. As compensation for something. How much did you receive in respect of your work for the company?
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in reˈspect of

1 concerning: Large increases can now be expected in respect of fuel prices.
2 in payment for something: Please state the money you have received in respect of overtime worked.
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in respect of

Chiefly British
With respect to.
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TEI inquired when the IRS might issue regulations in respect of the treatment of costs related to tangible assets or repairs.
The project is intended to bring the regulations up to date, especially in respect of the changes in transfers of technology.
Sweetnam said that he has been meeting with the IRS LMSB Division in respect of the employment tax deposit issue.
* TEI has long supported the establishment of an effective disclosure regime in respect of taxpayers, promoters, and advisers who may be involved in the development and marketing of potentially abusive tax shelters.
* Exceptions in respect of confidentiality for (i) M&A agreements (including letters of intent) and (ii) communications with the taxpayer's counsel.
In addition, does Treasury contemplate issuing rules in respect of nonqualified deferred compensation plans similar to the May 2002 regulations issued under section 457, which would liberalize the rules relating to monthly deferral elections, redeferral elections, and distribution/method of payment elections?
In some cases, the use of costs (e.g., in respect of research and development) may be an appropriate way of applying a profit-split method.(4) Of course, taxpayers using a profit-split approach should provide reasonable financial documentation to the tax administration in support of that methodology.
approach to penalties (especially in respect of documentation and post-year end compensating adjustments) and that of other OECD members.