in respect of

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in respect of (someone or something)

1. In reference to. In respect of the defense's claim that Ms. Smith acted alone, we have evidence to the contrary.
2. As compensation for something. How much did you receive in respect of your work for the company?
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in reˈspect of

1 concerning: Large increases can now be expected in respect of fuel prices.
2 in payment for something: Please state the money you have received in respect of overtime worked.
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in respect of

Chiefly British
With respect to.
See also: of, respect
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The letter traces the development of the legislation as well as TEI's comments and actions in respect of previous drafts of the FIE/ NRT legislation, including meetings with representatives of the Department of Finance.
She urged TEI to quickly provide comments and recommendations to the Treasury Department in respect of these proposals.
TEI inquired when the IRS might issue regulations in respect of the treatment of costs related to tangible assets or repairs.
There is a critical need for international uniformity in the transfer pricing area, and the Institute encourages the OECD to take a leadership role in establishing fair and consistent policies, especially in respect of the penalty and contemporaneous documentation rules.
in respect of research and development) may be an appropriate way of applying a profit-split method.