in relation to

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in relation to (something)

Regarding or related to something. In relation to your vacation request, I'm sorry, but we can't grant it while we have three people out on leave. I think that we should write up another report, in relation to this one, so that we have a full picture of the budget for next year.
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in relation to someone or something

relating to someone or something; in connection with someone or something. I mention this fact in relation to your proposed trip. Let's discuss Bill in relation to his future with this company.
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in relation to

In reference to; in connection with: This letter from the bank is in relation to your mortgage.
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A TEENAGER is wanted for questioning in relation to a sex offence which took place in Liverpool.
"To support these inertial navigation systems, we need to survey Polaris and other stars to determine true north in relation to our building" he says.
"This means we know exactly where the turntable on which the inertial measurement unit will sit is in relation to true north" says Webb.
After being separated and questioned in relation to unfounded terrorism charges, Khalil, her mother, father, and two teenaged brothers were all turned over to INS and held in separate detention for two and a half months.
"One local youth was arrested in relation to these matters, " he added.
Imperial history performed a largely supportive, legitimating role in relation to empire, and was preoccupied with male domains without any consideration of questions of gender construction or of women and empire.
All data--laboratory, radiological, etc.--appear in relation to the patient.
Gardai confirmed a man arrested in relation to the incident was later released without charge.