in pursuit of

in pursuit of something

chasing after something. Bill spends most of his time in pursuit of money. Every year Bob goes into the countryside in pursuit of butterflies.
See also: of, pursuit
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I suggest the public outcry is reserved principally for the jumps races, in which horses having run for two, three, four miles are seemingly given 'reminders' to give their all in pursuit of lucre and glory for connections.
By far the most serious of these scenarios is the fact prominent people's telephones were hacked in pursuit of stories - in too many cases more for the interest of the public rather than the public interest.
Mike Owen, county operations manager for South Gwynedd said: "What we are trying to achieve in this initiative is to raise the awareness of all road users that the motorcycling community use the roads of Gwynedd and Meirionyddshire in pursuit of their pastime.
The Navy's Leander class frigate 'Vindhyagiri' and naval helicopters from the INS Kunjali were involved in pursuit of the merchant vessel.
HE began as a panther, changed to a tiger and is now with the other basketball big cats in pursuit of a place in the England team.
We not only discern women in pursuit of legal solutions to their problems, but also see how they were perceived in that pursuit and the strategies they employed in their litigation.
In a move that illustrates its strategy of targeting new service opportunities in pursuit of growth, INS the Sunnyvale, California-based network consulting firm has unveiled a set of Windows 2000 migration services aimed at helping organizations integrate the new operating system into their existing Internet working environment.
American capital flows south in pursuit of lower wages.
SINCE the authors view immigrant workers with as much alarm as immigrant lay-abouts, the measure mandates a five-year prison sentence (or $25,000 fine) for any illegal immigrant who uses false identity papers in pursuit of gainful employment.