in prime

in (one's) prime

In or during one's happiest, most successful time; in the period when one has the most energy, vitality, and potential. My father was in his prime when he was diagnosed with cancer. Back then, I was in my prime—if I was ever going to have a shot at the big time, that was it!
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in (one's)/its prime

At the peak of skill or physical ability; in the most successful or productive period. In its prime, the company developed some of the most influential video games of all times. I used to be able to bench press over 250 pounds when I was in my prime.
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in one's (or its) prime

Fig. at one's or its peak or best time. Our dog—which is in its prime—is very active. The building was in its prime back in the Fifties, but it has not been well maintained. I could work long hours when I was in my prime.
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