in possession

in (one's) possession

Owned, held by, or under the custody of someone. With her father's inheritance in her possession, Samantha intends to start her own business. The detective wanted to know how long the victim's diary had been in the suspect's possession. Are you on your way to get it, or is literally already in your possession?
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*in someone's possession

held by someone; owned by someone. (*Typically: be ~; come [into] ~.) The book is now in my possession. How long has this object been in your possession?
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All four were found in possession of the stolen items after they were taken into custody, sheriff's police said.
Police arrested an Italian national late Wednesday in Paphos for loitering and being in possession of stolen goods.
"We've got to be better in possession. Grimsby were better than us in the first half with their
It is understood that the prosecution claims to be in possession of video footage that demonstrates many protesters initiating shooting using automatic rifles and handguns.
All the letters ended by stating that "this request for information is necessary to qualify for MVAIC coverage." While the assignor's attorney never responded, NMMI wrote MVAIC that it was not in possession of the information requested and that MVAIC should contact the patient directly or through his attorney.
The man was then searched and found to be in possession of a knife.
Springfield police said they found Garron Mitchell Medicinecrow, 21, in possession of items taken in at least nine vehicle burglaries.
None of the youths were found to be in possession of alcohol or appeared to have been drinking but seemed to be meeting with friends and not taking part in any form of anti-social behaviour.
star confirmed he was caught in possession of crack cocaine when arrested last year in public toilets on Hampstead Heath, a gay cruising area near his north London home.
It was unreasonable to require the client to specify the particular items they wanted because they could not predict a priori either what they would need in the future or what data was even there, all of the material in question being in possession of the lawyer (no big surprise--protection of the client's interests has been a hallmark of this area of the law since time immemorial).
Anyone found carrying a knife unless authorised to do so should be treated in exactly the same way as they would be in possession of a firearm.
He's a good tackler and, when he is in possession, he doesn't waste the ball.
But impostors in possession of a certified birth certificate can go farther, and even parlay a driver's license and a Social Security number into that most desirable of documents, the U.S.
Officers determined they were in possession of the items taken from the vehicle on Ashland Court and arrested them, police said.
The students' defence team said during Saturday's session that at the time of their arrest, the students were only in possession of two cameras, posters carrying the "Rab sign", and drums.