in plain language

*in plain language

 and *in plain English
Fig. in simple, clear, and straightforward language. (*Typically: be ~; put something [into] ~; say something ~; write something ~.) That's too confusing. Please say it again in plain English. Tell me again in plain language.
See also: language, plain
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Most people prefer the second one because it's clearer, more concise, and written in plain language, which the Plain Language Action and Information Network defines as any communication that can be understood the first time it is read or heard.
Writing government documents in plain language will increase government accountability and will save small-business owners time and money.
This same philosophy can also be found in plain language resources for lawyers.
In Plain language pleadings, the main focus is on plain language in specific instances such as pleadings, legislation, and forms (Wilson 1996).
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a must-read for those interested in plain language.
The federal government's writing must be in plain language.
Choose one from the many available in plain language manuals or construct your own.
To meet the needs of level 3 readers, information must be clear and unequivocal -- in plain language.
The Workers' Compensation Board in Manitoba introduced a program in 1991 to train all staff in plain language.