in place of

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in place of (someone or something)

Instead of someone or something else; as a substitute for someone or something. I'm going to lead the meeting in place of Janet because she went home sick. My parents got me a pet hamster in place of my dog that recently died.
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in place of (something)

As an alternative to something; instead of something. Can we put another bouquet here in place of the roses?
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in place of someone or something

instead of someone or something; as a substitute for someone or something. I changed my mind. I want a red one in place of the blue one. John came to help in place of Max, who was sick.
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in place of somebody/something


in somebody’s/something’s ˈplace

instead of somebody/something: You can use milk in place of cream in this recipe.He was unable to go to the ceremony, but he sent his son in his place.
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in place of

Instead of.
See also: of, place
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