in perspective

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*in perspective

within a reasonable view or appraisal. (*Typically: be ~; get something ~; have something ~; put something [into] ~.) Let's try to keep everything in perspective. If we put the matter into perspective, I think we can discuss it reasonably.
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in (or out of) perspective

1 (of a work of art) showing the right (or wrong) relationship between visible objects. 2 correctly (or incorrectly) regarded in terms of relative importance.
See also: perspective
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I'm here to bring you a few laughs, share my hard earned wisdom and put motherhood in perspective.
To put this in perspective, using our third quarter 2005 average production of 1,285 boe/d, these additions would represent a 19% to 34% increase.
To put the media value of our promotion effort in perspective," Molinari adds, "if we were to buy time in these 25 markets, the cost would be two million dollars a month.
To put this undertaking in perspective, in the seven years since Proposition 103 passed, only one rollback hearing has been concluded (20th Century), another has been completed but not decided (State Farm) and two are in progress (Ohio Casualty and Halliburton)," Quackenbush said.
Because almost every operation can be accomplished in perspective space, traditional orthogonal views are rarely needed anymore.