in own way

in (one's) own way

1. In a manner that is unique to oneself. No, I'm not great at accounting, but I do have a lot of business experience, so I think I can help you guys in my own way.
2. In a manner that one prefers. Aunt Edna always insists on doing everything in her own way—even if it takes twice as long.
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in one's own way

1. as the best one can do; using a personal and individual strategy. I don't know the answer to the problem, but perhaps I can help in my own way. She couldn't go to war and carry a gun, but she helped the war effort in her own way.
2. in the special way that one wishes or demands. I don't like doing it your way. I want to do it in my own way. I prefer to do it in my own way.
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