in opposition to somebody/something

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in opposition (to someone or something)

Opposed or contrary to someone or something; against someone or something. The purpose of our group is to stand in opposition to the corporations planning to move in and destroy local business. Our administration is in vehement opposition to any deal that gives them access to nuclear armaments.
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in oppoˈsition to somebody/something

1 disagreeing strongly with somebody/something, especially with the aim of preventing something from happening: Protest marches were held in opposition to the proposed law.
2 contrasting two people or things that are very different: Leisure is usually defined in opposition to work.
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Counsel for the Respondent, in opposition to the issues raised by the Petitioner concerning the timeliness of the demand for arbitration, states that this argument is without merit.
In opposition to the Petitioner's claim that the "chunk of cement" which struck the Respondent's vehicle did not constitute physical contact between the hit-and-run vehicle and the Respondent's vehicle, the Respondent's counsel argues that since the piece of concrete caused the Respondent to be rendered unconscious, thus causing the crash, this object was the direct cause of the accident and the Respondent's injuries.
You needed the force coming up from the bottom to get the people who control the levers of power to say we're going to overthrow those who stand in opposition to this happening.