in one

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(all) in one

Simultaneously; happening or existing at the same time. Usually used in reference to someone or something that serves multiple roles or has multiple purposes. They're advertising their latest product as a miniature computer and a mobile phone all in one. As an intern at the publishing house, I was basically a personal assistant, gofer, proofreader, and warehouse laborer in one.
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in ˈone

used to say that somebody/something has different roles, contains different things or is used for different purposes: She’s a mother and company director in one.It’s a public relations office, a press office and a private office all in one.
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Guards took him out of the cell he was in and put him in one that didn't have the video camera," Gordon says.
Little did Dornan know that, in addition to sparking a fascinating congressional investigation, his case would expose fundamental weaknesses in one of the most sweeping programs regulating private employment decisions ever implemented by the federal government.
Not only was Virage able to quickly integrate our Visual Information Retrieval technology, but the database server lets the customer manage all of their other information types in one fully-integrated database.
The immigrant flow is like a balloon; squeeze it in one place and it pops up in another.
In one recent case, Larrabee represented a San Diego sock factory where the INS claimed to have found 15 illegal aliens working.