in no hurry

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in no hurry

1. Having an ample amount of time (to do something or be somewhere); not at all busy or rushed. We can do the interview now, if you prefer. I'm in no rush. I'm in no hurry, so I don't mind if you go first.
2. Not particularly eager, willing, or desiring. Usually followed by "to (do something)." Please make sure the accounts are completely in order. I'm in no hurry to have the IRS do an audit on us right now. I don't mind staying home with the kids. I'm really in no hurry to go to the gym tonight, if I'm honest.
See also: hurry, no

in no ˈhurry (to do something)


not in a/any ˈhurry (to do something)

1 having plenty of time: I don’t mind waiting — I’m not in any particular hurry.Serve this lady first — I’m in no hurry.
2 not wanting or not willing to do something: We were in no hurry to get back to work after the holidays.
See also: hurry, no
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Little has changed for the Coliseum since it became clear in late October that the NFL was in no hurry to return to Los Angeles or Anaheim.
Full of hope: Brandel Chamblee was in no hurry to get off the course following his final-round 67.