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in (someone's or something's) name

1. Based on the authority of someone or something. We proclaim these things in God's name. In King John's name, I command you to halt.
2. With someone or something as a basis, reason, or motivation. They're releasing the documents in transparency's name, but I don't think anyone is really interested in them. How many people have been killed in religion's name?
3. Belonging to someone. According to the deed, this property is still in your father's name.
4. On behalf of someone or oneself. My late father was a huge animal lover, so I've opened up this animal rescue in his name. Since Mary wasn't home, I had to sign for the package in my own name.
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in someone's name

1. in someone's ownership; as someone's property. The house is in my name. I own all of it. The car is in our names.
2. Go to in behalf of someone.
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