in (one's) (own) back yard

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in (one's) (own) back yard

In or near to one's area of residence or business. Local farmers have banded together to protest the government's plan of building a series of windfarm generators in their back yard. We don't want to have such a large, ugly monument in our own back yard.
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in one's (own) backyard

Fig. very close to one, where one lives, or where one is. That kind of thing is quite rare. Imagine it happening right in your backyard. You always think of something like that happening to someone else. You never expect to find it in your own backyard.
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in one's own backyard

In one's own domain, in a position very close to one. For example, You didn't expect to find a first-class organist in your own backyard. [Mid-1900s] Also see close to home.
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in your (own) backˈyard

in or near the place where you live or work: The residents didn’t want a new factory in their backyard.The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard (= from his own members).
The term nimby is formed from the first letters of not in my backyard. A nimby is a person who claims to be in favour of a new project, but objects if it is too near their home and will disturb them in some way.
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I never want to go in my backyard because it is not a place I think is worth spending time in.
Licensed for public performance, Drones in My Backyard is a brief, wry DVD inspired by the day a drone appeared in filmmaker Alan Snitow's backyard, hovering over his head.
The ramp in my backyard features flatbottom that is so rotten that you can literally push your finger through both layers of plywood.
Like all skate spots, the ramp in my backyard has some drawbacks.
"Hopscotch Magazine" writer Valarie Giogas presents In My Backyard, a rhyming children's counting picturebook that, in addition to teaching young readers the numbers one through ten, also instructs them in the names of different types of baby animals that can be found in a typical backyard.
In My Backyard written by Margriet Ruurs paper sculpture by Ron Broda Tundra Books, 2007 978-0-88776-775-3 (hc) $21.99 for JK to Grade 3
In My Backyard opens the door to a garden that is home to a variety of creatures and plant life.
It's Springtime In My Backyard featuring photographs by author and illustrator Kathy Mazur is the delightfully informative and educational tale of Molly and "Moe the Mallard".
The subtitle of Jonathan Hanson's There's A Bobcat In My Backyard! is 'Living with and Enjoying Urban Wildlife'.
In my backyard beneath the porch steps, lives a gray-and-black spotted toad.
In my backyard, there is a bat house nailed to the trunk of a maple tree.
This I knew 11 years ago: If the Virginia pines in my backyard had their druthers, they would hog the sunlight by forming a green "tent" of leaves above everything else.
It's in my backyard in San Francisco," Kaufman told SCINCE NEWS.
There's an Opossum in My Backyard is a children's picturebook about the Virginia opossum, the only marsupial native to North America.
In my backyard beneath the porch steps lives a gray-and-black spotted toad.