bear in mind

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bear (someone or something) in mind

To remember, think about, or consider someone or something (in regard to something else). Good luck in your new job in New York City! Bear us in mind when you hit the big time! Regulators can be very picky about details, so bear that in mind when you're filling out the application.
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bear in mind (that)

To remember and consider something when making a decision or before taking action. This phrase is often used as an instruction. Before you ask for a raise, bear in mind that the company isn't doing well financially right now. Bearing in mind that you got excellent grades this semester, your father and I are willing to extend your curfew.
See also: bear, mind
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bear in mind

Also, keep in mind. Remember, as in Bear in mind that I can't walk as fast as you, or Keep your constituency in mind when you speak. [First half of 1500s]
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bear in mind

remember and take into account.
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bear/keep somebody/something in ˈmind


bear/keep in ˈmind that...

not forget about somebody/something: We’ll bear you in mind if a job becomes available.I’ll keep your advice in mind.Do bear in mind that the tickets are usually sold very quickly.
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Cayco did not name names when asked if he has any "shoo-ins" in mind.
Keeping the security imperatives in mind, The Mall has been declared a Red Zone, the notification stated.
Although the challenge lies in the increased up-front expenses it takes to develop improved tools and workflow with the hopes of lower expenses following implementation, companies have been making these investments with the longer-term view in mind. This also creates a more competitive marketplace as smaller and more nimble companies without the burden of legacy systems and processes may be able to adapt to change easier and faster.
These political elements should keep this in mind that they could not hold the nation hostage through their non-democratic practices.
A diagram on the website of the IAI perfectly illustrates the job the navy has in mind for the LRSAM.
10 ( ANI ): As Internet is a free virtual world, one cant help but overshare on it, keeping less in mind how it could lead to preposterous consequences, including identity theft.
India's capability is very much with China in mind," Rahul Bedi, a defence expert with IHS Jane's Defence Weekly, told AFP.
We've probably all heard this aviation saying, but it's worth repeating: "Whenever we talk about a pilot who has been killed in a flying accident, we should all keep one thing in mind. He made a judgment.
Aidy Boothroyd's team are always dangerous from set-pieces and with that in mind it could be worth backing Dan Shittu, who is expected to overcome a knock, at 22-1 to grab the opening goal.
Also very much with promotion in mind a Virgin Trains' Pendolino has been adorned in a unique and eye catching livery to promote the forthcoming release of Warner Bros' Pictures Superman Returns.
His handicap mark having dropped to a decent level, trainer Milton Bradley might just have something in mind for the nine-year-old who has always been well suited by a stiff five furlongs like this test.
Peterson's Web Site Measurement Hacks: Tips & Tools To Help Optimize Your Online Business (0596009887, $24.95) is designed with website operators in mind, providing the insights on how to use measurement and analysis software to assess a website.
That may not be exactly what Don Inouye, the president and CEO of the newest branch of the Junior Achievers (JA) has in mind, but it's something for the non-profit to shoot for.
By using prefabricated walls or mobile partitions, the interiors can be built with future uses in mind.
Still, he keeps in mind that quote from West and Unger in their book, The Future of American Progressivism.