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Huskys CEO Rob Peabody said, Acquiring the Superior Refinery will increase Huskys downstream crude processing capacity, keeping value-added processing in lockstep with our growing production.
Philippine stocks were up on Thursday, moving in lockstep with the rest of the region, which was buoyed by gains in Wall Street overnight.
Washington, Aug 22 ( ANI ): Women's rights activist Sandra Fluke has claimed that Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan are in lockstep with GOP lawmaker Todd Akin over his controversial comments about 'legitimate rape.
Obama also said, "We are going to be sure we work in lockstep as we proceed to try to solve this -- hopefully diplomatically.
The deal enables Snap Advances to grow in lockstep with the needs of its clients, the company's co-CEO Mike Landau said.
Some 20,000 Russian cadets and soldiers showed off their military might, marching in lockstep across Red Square for the annual military parade that marks the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany.
Carriers can raise rates in lockstep now without any concern that such behavior represents a violation of antitrust laws," he added.
But each index is produced according to different underlying concepts and often do not move in lockstep.
The triplet adds to earlier evidence that supermassive black holes and galaxies grow in lockstep.
Manufacturing worked in lockstep with us to assure we lived up to that.
Its crew went berserk, leaving a trail of blood and mayhem and creepy nightmares and cockroaches marching in lockstep to create a spiraling symbol that contains the invading marauders' intent.
The rise affects directly the interest rate on floating rate loans, which move in lockstep to the Fed rate.
Never has an administration like the one in power today--so disciplined in secrecy, so precisely in lockstep in keeping information from the people at large and--in defiance of the Constitution--from their representatives in Congress.