in lieu of (something)

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in lieu of (something)

Instead of something; in place of something. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the scholarship fund.
See also: lieu, of

in lieu of something

Fig. in place of something; instead of something. (The word lieu occurs only in this phrase.) They gave me roast beef in lieu of ham. We gave money to charity in lieu of sending flowers to the funeral.
See also: lieu, of

in lieu (of something)

(formal) instead of: They took cash in lieu of the prize they had won.We work on Saturdays and have a day off in lieu during the week.
See also: lieu

in lieu of

In place of; instead of.
See also: lieu, of
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If a taxpayer receives damages in lieu of something that is normally subject to tax, such as wages, then the damages would be taxed.
Applying this analysis, the Murphy court ruled that damages received (1) solely as compensation for a personal injury (physical or nonphysical) and (2) not in lieu of something that is normally taxed, are not an accession to wealth and therefore not income under the 16th Amendment.
And when Sagehorn bought a boat for his personal use, the public picked up part of the tab - $300 toward a $550 outboard motor that Sagehorn purchased from Castaic Boat & Marine in 1996, in lieu of something else he was due.