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Pointing out that early modern tales of cuckoldry are almost unique in their vilification of women, Brown contends that the bitter invective against male inadequacies couched in jests dealing with socio-cultural responses to sexual indiscretions, such as the potentially libelous 'horn fair,' actually gave women the upper hand.
Sonny Angara, chairman of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, said in jest, referring to Sen.
During the course of rehearsals Laila and I have exchanged a great deal of banter entirely in jest, and two weeks ago there was an occasion when this term was used between the two of us.
Her almost- as-addled husband (who keeps on having surreal, natally themed delusions) digs up the stump on a trip to the country, trims its limbs a little and presents it to his wife, partially in jest, as a doll-like child substitute.
Anast says, "This nickname was coined half in jest, since many experts believe it's so important to find the `hidden job market.
This, he said in jest, was in recognition on the 'rights of certain persons to improve their appearance.
Although Carranza told police he meant his comments only in jest, authorities say the situation is no joking matter.
Anast says, "This nickname was coined half in jest, since many people feel it's so important to identify the 'hidden job market.
Senate Majority Leader Vicente 'Tito' Sotto III said in jest on Monday that he would rather punch the man allegedly behind the 'Silent No More' blog for calling him names rather than wait for an apology.
Carranza told authorities his comment was made in jest, but authorities said they are taking the incident seriously.
The office of Trillanes sent to the media on Tuesday an excerpt of Duterte's speech before the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association last June, where the President admitted in jest that he had committed corruption.
Once accused in jest of using carrier pigeons and burros to get the financial news out, Boeing is planning to broadcast its third-quarter earnings presentation on the Internet this morning.
When no committee member objected to the motion, Lacson congratulated Cayetano and told him in jest that he would be allowed to talk for five minutes only.
Don't get jailed because we will miss you,' Senator Panfilo Lacson said in jest on Thursday to Senator Leila de Lima.