in its entirety

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in its/their entirety

Totally or completely. Darn, I was hoping to get a piece of cake, but it looks like it's been eaten in its entirety. A: "Did you finish the books in their entirety? In just one week?" B:"Yes! It's such a good series!"
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in its entirety

 and in their entirety
completely; until completely done or gone. I watched the basketball game in its entirety. My friends and I ate the two large pizzas in their entirety.
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in its/their enˈtirety

as a whole, rather than in parts: The poem is too long to quote in its entirety.
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That clause, however, stated that "[i]n the event that the application, including materials submitted therewith, contains misrepresentations made with the actual intent to deceive, or contains misrepresentations which materially affect either the acceptance of the risk or the hazard assumed by the Insurer under this policy, this policy in its entirety shall be void and of no effect whatsoever.
To maximize safety in vacuum pick and place operations, KMS Series have a large flat top in its entirety (i.
Movement III unfolds as a graceful pastorale in 6/8 time, presenting the melody twice in its entirety, adding gravity through use of an ostinato-like pedal line.
Quilt displayed: The NAMES Project AIDS memorial quilt is displayed in its entirety on the Mall in Washington, D.
Taken directly from the Department of Labor in its entirety, the DOT provides users with the right employment category wording when filling out a form.
In fact, most of our conversation took place as we perched on either side of a tall folding ladder--to take in the picture in its entirety.