in hot pursuit

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in hot pursuit (of someone or something)

Chasing (someone or something) very closely or with great energy. The suspect was seen fleeing down Main Street with police in hot pursuit. They've been in hot pursuit of an Olympic gold medal for the last eight years.
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in hot purˈsuit (of somebody/something)

chasing somebody; trying to catch somebody: He grabbed the jewels and ran, with several customers in hot pursuit.
See also: hot, pursuit
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Police officers who are in hot pursuit of a criminal suspect are not required to stop in their tracks and seek a warrant before entering a residence into which the suspect has just fled.
Despite the fact that the officers stopped in the midst of the chase and went back to police headquarters, the court still deemed that the officers were in hot pursuit of the killer.
In Hot Pursuit mode, players must out-maneuver the cops and do their best to evade police pursuit tactics such as multiple cruisers, roadblocks, spike-strips and even armed helicopters ready to put an end to those law-breaking joyriders.
Others were also in hot pursuit of the celebrity players.
Racers who push the envelope in hot pursuit mode will encounter multiple levels of police aggression from high-speed chases and roadblocks to tire spikes.