in hopes of

in hopes of (something)

With the expectation, intention, or desire of (something or something happening). He strove to be well-behaved in prison, in hopes of an early release. I'm being extra nice to my sister all through December, in hopes of getting a new video game for Christmas.
See also: hope, of

in (high) hopes of something

Fig. expecting something. I was in hopes of getting there early. We are in high hopes that John and Mary will have a girl.
See also: hope, of

in hopes of

Also, in hopes that; in the hope of or that ; in high hopes of or that . Expecting and wishing for, as in We went in hopes of finding a vacancy, or They met in the hope of bringing about a peaceful settlement. The phrases with that are used with clauses, as in In hopes that something good might come of it, he began to work, or We are in high hopes that a cure for leukemia will be found soon. [c. 1600]
See also: hope, of
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When the DNA of a new suspect is tested, it would be compared to the database in hopes of finding a match with an old case.
Quite the contrary: he met with the leaders of the anti-Aristide forces in hopes of uniting them for the elections scheduled for early June.
It became clear to us that we had to accommodate this demographic in hopes of leveraging the vast viral marketing potential that blogs and social networking sites can deliver to a burgeoning brand.
Steven Bourke of the Thousand Oaks sheriff's station said the department has stepped up neighborhood patrols and crime analysts are looking for other similarities in hopes of solving that city's 22 burglaries.
All told, the lucrative bass competition attracted 308 of North America's top bass anglers - 154 pros and 154 co-anglers - to Wagoner in hopes of winning $10,000 cash and an Evinrude- or Johnson-powered Ranger bass boat in the Pro Division and $6,000 in the Co-Angler Division.
Congressman Elton Gallegly, R-Oxnard, said he has worked with INS officials to establish the office in hopes of improving such services.