in honor of (someone or something)

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in honor of (someone or something)

Acknowledging someone or something, usually as a way to celebrate or show appreciation or admiration. We're having a party in honor of our daughter's graduation from college. Who wants to plan the event in honor of the CEO?
See also: honor, of

in honor of someone or something

showing respect or admiration for someone or something. Our club gave a party in honor of the club's president. I wrote a poem in honor of John and Mary's marriage.
See also: honor, of

in honor of

In celebration of, as a mark of respect for, as in We are holding a banquet in honor of the president. [c. 1300]
See also: honor, of

in ˈhonour of somebody/something


in somebody’s/something’s ˈhonour

in order to show respect and admiration for somebody/something: a ceremony in honour of those killed in the explosionA banquet was held in her honour.
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Bahrain India Society (BIS) chairman Mohammed Dadabhai hosted a luncheon in honour of visiting Indian Navy's Western Fleet Commanding Officer Rear Admiral Ravneet Singh at the Summit Hall, Elite Resort and Spa, Manama.
The Indian community in Salalah will also host a reception in honour of the ship and its crew.
It was renamed in honour of Vikramaditya, a legendary 1st century BC Indian emperor.