in honor of

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in honor of (someone or something)

Acknowledging someone or something, usually as a way to celebrate or show appreciation or admiration. We're having a party in honor of our daughter's graduation from college. Who wants to plan the event in honor of the CEO?
See also: honor, of

in honor of someone or something

showing respect or admiration for someone or something. Our club gave a party in honor of the club's president. I wrote a poem in honor of John and Mary's marriage.
See also: honor, of

in honor of

In celebration of, as a mark of respect for, as in We are holding a banquet in honor of the president. [c. 1300]
See also: honor, of

in ˈhonour of somebody/something


in somebody’s/something’s ˈhonour

in order to show respect and admiration for somebody/something: a ceremony in honour of those killed in the explosionA banquet was held in her honour.
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Also debuting in April, Cold Stone Creamery has created an ice cream cake in honor of Mother's Day, called Mom's Strawberry Sensation(TM).
Welland, a junior at Maple Hill High School, has collected more than 175,000 stuffed animals over the past six years for traumatized children around the world, in honor of a young friend who died of cancer.
In honor of National Ice Cream Month, Cold Stone Creamery announces that a portion of all ice cream and ice cream cakes purchased during July will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
In honor of Audio Book Awareness Month TBW corporate and franchise stores have set its greatest Audiobook promotion to date.